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The Global Energy Problems Laboratory (GEPL) was founded in 1988 as an independent non-governmental research unit supported by Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Science (IBRAE RAS) and Moscow Energy Institute of Ministry of Education (MPEI).

The laboratory is working in the field of climate modeling concerning both anthropogenic (energy consumption, industry, forestry, agriculture) and natural factors.

The scientific results of this work can be applied to the climate reconstruction of the past and precise long-term forecasts for every region of the Northern hemisphere. Several projects were already successfully implemented on the territory of Russia and showed encouraging agreement with the observations of the past few years. More than 50 articles were published in leading national and international scientific journals.

A number of  scientific products, offered for purchasing, is listed below.

1. The Expert System for climate forecasting.
The Expert System allows to determine the climate change on global and regional scale according the different scenarios of  energy consumption, industry and land use development and corresponding emissions of greenhouse gases. The system consists of five linked main blocks: Energy, Global Carbon Cycle, Greenhouse Gases, Radiative Forcing, Global Climate Model and Regional Climate. The new version of Expert System for Windows requires at least 386 processor, 8 Mb RAM, 4 Mb on the hard disk.

2. The Numerical Data Packages (NDPs) for the different periods up to the present (noted in brackets):

  • Greenhouse Gases Atmospheric Concentrations (6 000 yrs): carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide;

  • Volcanic Activity Indices (7 000 yrs); 

  • El-Nino - Southern Oscillation Indices (400 yrs); 

  • Energy Consumption - global and by countries (200 yrs); 

  • Land-use Change (100 yrs); 

  • Temperature Anomalies for Northern Hemisphere (12 900 yrs);

NDPs consists of text files with notes. 
Energy consumption data since 1950 are formed in a Database in Paradox 4.0 format.

3. Original Base Forecasts of the major climatic parameters and factors on the period till 2100.

  • global, hemispherical and regional (for Northern Hemisphere) mean annual temperatures;

  • global and regional power consumption;

  • emission and atmospheric concentration change of the main greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide; methane; nitrous oxide; CFCs and their substitutes; ozone; SOx and NOx;

  • solar and volcanic activity.

All the forecasts are verified by the instrumental data of the last decade. Delivered as the text files with notes.

You can purchase this products and any information services.


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